OXM Library - Object Xml Mapping Library

This project was born of out frustration from certain XSD Suppliers I worked with,
ever changing schemas, broken schemas and all sorts of prolems.

The supplied XSD.exe that comes with .NET framework, creates big files, and does not offer
the customization we needed to the generated file.


You need to create a generator class to start using the generator.
use the OXMGenerator3.Fresh() method to get a new generator.

Then use the methods AddXSD to add XSD file to the generator and AddFile to add an XML file.
Set the CurrentNameSpace property if you want, the ProjectName property,
To generate the code use: FinishCreating(prefix - for a custom file prefix, path - path to generate code in)

More help will come soon!

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StunningTech Aug 23, 2013 at 8:47 PM 
Not working at all. Dont have proper doc on how to use it