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Known Bugs in the OxmStylizer:
  • Fix overlapping in the right side splitter.
  • Main Window Is pushed back when returning from modal popups on some occasions
  • Writing of config files for Generated web service proxies is flawed.

A few problems with the generator
  • Optimize searching of elements in the schema using indexation - In beta stage
  • Remove redundant and duplicate code (Work in progress)
  • Fix the horrible static XSDHelper.cs, it has a poor design, tho it's working. Edit: Mostly clean now.
  • Remove old generators (OxmGenerator2) from next versions, they are useless.
  • Lacks control of the generated constructors - sometimes you need a parameterless constructor for depth - 1 classes. Edit: Now added as default for every class.

A few unit tests with timing would be nice.
  • Error proof the binder (Mapping of XML to the object tree) - Edit: Changed to TryParse instead of Parse
  • Perform timing test to the binder using a profiler. Edit Binding the XML has been profiled and changed. It is now faster... :)

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