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Plug Ins Management and creation guidelines

OxmGenerator Now supports one plug at a time approach and the plug in is used in a AD-HOC fashion since it can't be serialized
into the save file.
The plug in must implement the interface IOxmGeneratorPlugin In order to work with the code generator.


  • The plug-in can modify configuration after initial processing of the file
  • The plug-in can read it's source file locally or from URL
  • Make all the dependencies in one DLL - the loader will load only the DLL containing the plugins interface
  • Use the FileFilter Property to control the Open file dialog's filter
  • The plug in can save an extra output file during the processing - use the ExtraFileFilter Property for the open file dialog's filter
  • If the plug in has a long running task do it in the AfterConfigurationAction Method - It is the only one that runs on a different thread and won't block the UI
  • The ModifyConfiguration method runs right after the initial processing of the file – use it to assign default properties to the configuration before the user edits them
  • the OxmGenerator will be assign for you by the plug in manager. You can use it to access the CodeGenerator property and through it the CodeDomProvider if you need to make valid identifiers and more operations.

Example for adding a plug to the environment

For example plug in download the WSDL plug in and add it using the menu item Manage Plugins


You'll have to add the plug in just this time. Then use the Add New Item button to choose the DLL that contains the plug in
and all it's dependencies:


In this case the DLL shown is the WSDL plug in.
After that the import option will appear in the import menu beneath the Manage Plugins option.

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